Itai Itai disease

Factual Background
Since 1910, Mitsui Mining & Smelting discharged cadmium (Cd) in Toyama Japan which caused pollution in Jinzu River.? Residents planted rice in water with Cd became ¡§Cadmium Rice¡¨, which caused renal failure and severe osteoporosis.

It was the earliest cadmium poisonous accident happened in the world that firstly in 1912, also was one of the four biggest pollution nuisances in Japan. It was discovered by a Doctor Ogino l; the most serious area was located in 30km of downriver of mine. After this, Toyama organized ¡§Toyama Countermeasures for Local Special Diseases Committee¡¨ and began to conduct the research. Since 1967, victims were admitted by law one after another.


  • Mitsui Mining needed to treat the water up to a quality of cleanness, and the lands must be restored back to a cultivatable state. According to the estimation, it took roughly twenty-five thousand US Dollars per hectare as the recovery cost.
  • Local residents organized Victim Council Group and many volunteers of attorneys and doctors participated.
  • Mitsui Mining had to submit Water Quality Report annually, also signed ¡§Pollution Prevention Protocol¡¨ and two pledge letters, on which statement of causation of Itai Itai Disease was Mitsui Mining and they will pay for all damages and loss during recovery.


  1. To Health:

From beginning with limbs pains and uremia generated. After a few years, skeletal pain in the whole body and ease of bone fracture, even in a great pain while in breath until dead from no diet.? Now, most patients with such disease had past away.

  1. To Politics:
    1. Japan Food Safety Management Department undertook to legislate acts regarding to food safety, also had achieved excellently.
    2. ¡mLand Pollution Prevention Act¡n: In accordance with the law, every local government has to arrange land survey; the pollution area will be assigned locally and draw out recovery plans on their own.
    3. ¡mPollution Countermeasures Basic Law¡n: It was prescribed in July, 1967 and The Diet of Japan in 1968 was in history because of the law, which was named ¡§Pollution Prevention of Diet of Japan¡¨.

The Clean House donated by victims of Itai Itai Disease became monument for survivors in pollutions in Japan that guests visit here everyday.